Environment-Friendly Data Protection?

Fact 1: Over 80% of data across corporate (emails/docs etc.) is duplicate.

Fact 2: Removing just one-third of this duplicate data, could - on an average - save up to USD 1.6 billion on storage energy.

Do the math. Removing it all would mean conservation of storage energy worth approximatel

One million GigaBytes (GBs) make a PetaByte (PB). In 2008, the sale of disk-based storage systems crossed 2500 PBs, growing at almost 60% each year. These figures do not include direct attached storage i.e. hard drives that come pre-loaded with PCs or servers. The overall consumption doubles when this storage is backed up.

On an average, the best solid-state storage consumes about 5 Watts per MegaByte (MB). This puts the total cost of maintaining (cooling + power) a 1 TB hard disk at about USD 2,500 per year.* The annual energy consumption by newly bought storage stands at USD 5 Billion – and there’s still the backing up to consider!

Here’s where DDD comes in. This technology saves just a single copy of duplicate data. Most storage vendors using DDD provide block-level duplicate removal at target i.e. when the data reached the storage.

And this brings us back to Fact 2 viz. an average 30% duplicate data removal can save USD 1.6 billion on storage energy and USD 2 billion on bandwidth costs and backups. Not to mention that duplication also chokes bandwidth and storage.

Types of Computer Cables

Actually, you can have the 1394 net adapter with its appropriate cables to connect one or more computers with a computer network. The adapter and its cables are designed to give you a better way to transfer files at higher speeds especially when they are too big. Compared to USB cables and adapters, these are able to handle more data rates.

The plug and the port types of computer cables and adapters can also work like your regular ones that can connect your computer to more FireWire devices even if you have a single port. Just make sure that you have the right one that is either a 1394 net adapter plug or the 1394 net adapter port. The plug one works by connecting to directly to your computer. It also uses a plug so you can connect to a digital device’s FireWire port. On the other hand, the port one is able to connect your computer using a cable and it technically offers the FireWire ports that allow you to connect your digital devices to your computer for data transfer.

You need to make sure that you choose something that can handle faster transfer rates when browsing for different types of computer cables available. Remember three principles: The right cable, the right adapter, the right speed.

Architectural CAD Drafting and 3D Modeling Services – A Gift for Engineering Designs

Innovation of Computer Aided Design (CAD) softwares come out as a gift for engineering designs and models as well as for the design architects. Initially, CAD is only used for architectural and structural designing. Later on it spreads its reach to each and every branch of engineering industry by providing accurate drawings and models. Architectural CAD drafting services are normally applied for new building developments and planning applications. Architectural drafting services can also be useful for custom designs in Industry; buildings, construction documents, mechanical and architectural drawings. Architectural 3D models and animations are widely used on the web world. 3D animations improve the structure drastically by having quality 3D rendered images & Videos.

Architectural CAD drafting signifies that drawing architectural designs in digital format using computer software. Architectural CAD drawings and models are very functional for engineers and contractors to understand a building or industry design better as it covers all the required specifications. Architectural CAD drafting services will get you designs, project elevations, detailed 2D and 3D presentation drawings in digital format. Professional architects have developed a guideline for Architectural design drawings and described it as technical drawings of buildings. By using these drawings and technical concepts the construction work is progressed. Such elements like layouts, different views, units of measurements and cross referencing can be attain using architectural CAD drafting services.

Now days 2D CAD drafting and 3D modeling services enables for drawing a architectural design or model in digital format easily with the help of modern designing softwares. It also saves time, money and reducing the possibility of redesigning. Modern CAD softwares are easy to handle, very accurate and supportive for professional architects. There are huge in built applications for residential, commercial projects, elevations and 3D models. These drawings and models cater to realtors, owners, consultants and contractors.

Architectural CAD drawings and models are the construction details derived from architectural plans, working drawings from raw data, technical drawings and comprehensive specification sheets can be drafted, at cheaper rates and better standards of detailing. Firms in India are widely offering AutoCAD drawings from hand drawn sketches or blueprints. Complete construction drawings can be created from general layout sketches, with details like furniture plans, reflected ceiling plans, floor finish plans, partition and door hardware schedule plans, elevations and perspectives are also offered. These drawings can be custom designed for homes by CAD process for architects, builders, and owners. Entire CAD drafting services include design development, building plans, and construction documents.

PC Backup Software - Tool for Data Protection

Traditionally, data backup has meant sacrificing a wide pool of data for the sake of essential data to be stored. A backup of an entire hard drive was unheard of; it took up too much time, space and resources to be a feasible habit. And you never know when your hard drive is infected by destructive virus.

While innovations like file compression and data-mapping did the trick in some cases, full data backup was still a slow and resource intensive procedure. Files were duplicated, the storage requirements were huge and bandwidth was still a problem.

But today the problem has increased manifold with increased data stored in our computers. This is fueled by increasing security concerns, user mobility and cross-geography office expansions. Therefore in this scenario the requirement for data security has also increased manifolds.

A relief in this entire situation is an Online data backup Software. But the major problem lies in deciding for good PC backup Software. There are various factors which need to be considered while selecting one, like de- duplication is one of the important factors which needs to be considered as this feature save 90% - 95% of the bandwidth and 95% of the time it takes to backup your system. This is known as data de-duplication. Another feature we should put our fingers on is remote backup i.e. a backup program which allows everyone to back everything remotely. Last but not the least is, a program which is automatic and simple to use.

While all the above expectations have increased from PC Backup software, the existing backup solutions haven’t. A rare example is Druva’s inSync software which uses a more advanced compression technology and distributed data de-duplication technology. The software has the ability to recognize files that are common across the network, and doesn’t backup the same files twice. Simply put, inSync uses less storage and less network resources to back up a PC. The software is 10 times faster than most other software and uses 90% less bandwidth.