5 cloud computing benefits for businesses

Most business owners agree that cloud computing is the last thing they would have heard of, to implement in their organizations. Agreed that this concept is relatively new and the technology implementation finds few experts, but the benefits of using this networking tool have forced a lot of business owners to seek knowledge on this domain. Thus, cloud computing, despite its perceptible risks and security issues, is finding increased popularity.

Cloud computing works on providing, shared resources, and software applications to business owners, on demand. This technology is much different from the client-server or the mainframe methodology, where users normally are in need of expertise and control on the technology they work on.

Here are 5 benefits of using cloud computing; reasons for which businesses are clamoring to use this technology

1. Business cloud computing ensures businesses can be scalable – Assume that an organization, 100 users strong, wishes to grow to 1000 users strong. Using cloud computing, this kind of scalability is easily achievable without too many logistical nightmares. Importantly, in doing all of this, companies don’t have to pay excess, as cloud computing works on ‘Pay as you use’ model.

2. Easy to implement – Businesses wouldn’t want to invest in a technology, however robust it may be, if it is difficult to execute on ground. With cloud computing, this factor is taken care of, because a cloud computing arrangement could be worked around, in no time at all. And in doing so, businesses save precious time and money.

3. Service providing niche has some big names – Normally, any new popular technology will have a lot of service providers, but with most of them jumping into the array to make a quick buck or so. But with cloud computing and the way it works, you would find that providers with robust infrastructure form the top ranking names here.

Cloud computing service providers need to have huge datacenters to ensure that the needs of businesses are catered to, well. This really means companies like Microsoft, Dell, Google and many more form the top rung of companies in this niche.

4. Burden on in-house IT Team reduced – The IT departments of businesses may foresee cloud computing robbing them off work. Literally speaking, this technology that works on outsourcing a lot of technology needs, may reduce the burden on the IT team of companies. But, that is not to say, companies would have to fire their IT teams as they could be used for more constructive purposes.

5. Issues can be handled, efficiently – Business owners know that no technology can be completely error-free, however efficient they claim to be. But with cloud computing, the response time to errors and issues is double-quick, which also alleviates a major problem on the head of the in-house IT team.

Data security is a major risk with cloud computing, but that being said, a lot of service providers in this niche are working on stringent privacy clauses that would protect their client’s interests. With vendors needing to offer increased data security and confidentiality, a lot of things seem to go right for this new technology.

6 ways in Which Microsoft Windows Vista Secures your PC

Global reach and the information highway have changed the way individuals and businesses function. Computerization, the World Wide Web, and B2B and P2P applications have added a zing to business activities. The reach has grown beyond physical confines and boundaries to embrace the world.

In the fast paced world of business what causes grave concerns in security. With the use of computers and links to cyber space corporate crime is at an all time high and

1. High level security. Most companies spend thousands of dollars in securing their business data as with the advent of the World Wide Web cyber thievery is at an all time high. Vista is designed to provide multiple layers of protection. It will protect the business from external attacks and there are ways in which crucial information and data can be protected by creating a fortress of authorized access.

2. Back ups are automated and files can be recovered easily. So, if any information is inadvertently deleted it can be recovered.

3. Since the cyber highway is where security is lax and threats exist, Vista has Windows Internet Explorer 7. This is very advanced and provides great amounts of browser security and grants privacy protection. So while your employees can browse the World Wide Web for business related purposes thieves will not gain ready access to your company systems.

4. The Windows defender program has been integrated into Vista to protect your business system from malicious soft wear.

5. Wireless networking systems are secured by Vista such that employees can connect to multiple networks simultaneously without any trouble. It has a secure wireless networking protocol and Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2).

6. Internal threats are averted as Vista ensures that data is kept secure and confidential by encryption, assigning a high level of protection, and selective authorization of removing of storage devices like USB and flash memory drives.

Vista has been developed keeping in mind the threats being posed to computer users today. And, a new version of Windows Firewall has been developed to protect computers from inbound and outbound traffic threats. The UAC or user account control has been under continuous revamping and takes into consideration serious criticisms made throughout Vista development by techies on the Vista watch.

Paul Thurrott who has been monitoring Vista since the very start has written glowing reviews of Vista security features, the integrated anti-spyware product , Windows Defender, security improvements to IE7, parental controls, and more.

Security enhancements in Vista are more than welcome and users both business and individual are looking forward to the release of the final Vista package.

25 Main Windows Vista Features

The whole world is waiting with expectancy for the arrival of Windows Vista and its promised delights. And, in the meantime, techies speculate and debate on what to expect, what the hurdles will be, and more.

Microsoft has been promoting Windows Vista as having features that provide a unique experience. The system is aimed to be user friendly and dynamic. Microsoft has worked on Vista at two levels; they have updated existing windows features and introduced new features. Among the many features of Windows Vista are the following gleaned from published documentation, blogs, and releases by Microsoft.

1. The interface is said to be state of art and has been called Aero, authentic, energetic, reflective, and open. User friendly, the interface is touted to be cleaner, streamlined, and aesthetic.

2. The windows shell for Vista is expected to reach for new standards in operating systems. The organization, navigation, and search capabilities are all user friendly and fast. The tool bar and one click access are devised to speed up operations.

3. Instant search is expected to revolutionize the system. Search boxes are integral to many applications.

4. Desk top gadgets positioned on the right hand side of the screen will enable users to view sports scores, weather, and other interesting things while continuing to work on the main screen.

5. The Media Player is expected to have great new features like graphic interface, photo display, systematic organization, and compatibility with Xbox360 and other media players.

6. The internet explorer, aimed to be genx, is expected to have a new user interface, tabled browsing, search box, easy printing, tabs, zoom, and other on tab functions. The system hopes to have advanced security protection and improved web standards support.

7. State of art back up and restore functions will enable users to schedule back ups of files. The system is designed such that back ups are incremental and only new material is backed up saving space as well as making the system easy to use. The “complete PC backup” will create an image on the entire system onto the hard disk or a DVD. In case there is a break down the “complete pc backup” will recreate the entire system.

8. Outlook express has a new avatar, Windows Mail. And, according to those in the know the system is reliable and can actually filter junk mail.

9. Updates of software and security systems in the new system will be through a control panel. There will be no need for any web applications.

10. In Windows Vista parents can have greater say in what the children can use and access. This system is designed to protect kids from exposure to violence and porn.

11. Windows vista has features that will enable computer access through handhelds and mobiles even if the computer if off.

12. Vista has multiple language speech recognition which will allow dictation and activation of commands.

13. Gaming with Vista has raised expectations of avid gamers. New graphics, better display features, and ease of use means faster gaming and more thrills.”

14. The photo gallery in vista has great new applications. It will function as a photo and movie library and be compatible with all kinds of devices. In windows vista this will tag and rate photos, make adjustments in color and exposure, create effects and burn slideshows to DVDs.

15. The Vista DVD maker will create DVDs from existing content.

16. The system permits sharing of files and applications. Vista’s Windows Meeting space promoted P2P applications.

17. Vista is designed to think. Super Fetch a memory management strategy studies user usage and retains pages in accordance to popularity. High priority content is retained in memory by detection of troublesome memory usage patterns.

18. Windows Vista is expected to have a ready boost, a flash device that extends disk caching capabilities. This will enable use of USB 2.0 flash drives, SD cards, or compact flash cards. This innovation is expected to lend a performance level that is 8-10 times higher than at present.

19. A touch screen is expected to be a part of Vista.

20. Disk partitions in Vista are designed to prevent data loss.

21. The task manager as well as task scheduler in Vista is being revamped to provide better computing.

22. Extensive focus is on security which has been a problem with Microsoft operating systems. In Vista the aim is to provide security at all levels of operation and the system includes an advance security firewall, a defender, as well as a phishing filter among other security measures. The innovations are all set to give a new definition to windows security.

23. Vista’s premier interface, Windows Aero will lend 3D graphics, great animation, visual effects, and translucence to videos, games, and other applications that have graphics.

24. The Vista developer technologies are many and are expected to include .Net framework version 3.0, a new user interface system among others.

25. Vista based on a new interface will support many features like WIM image format, group policy settings, and network file systems, that will ease the working of businesses

While techies and others are waiting to see how Vista functions, in actuality there are several concerns surfacing regarding costs, user account control, hardware requirements, digital rights management, security, and the similarities to the Mac OS X.

Proactive Measures Help In Preparing To Face Future Risks

Irrespective of the size of your business operations, you can survive the tough challenges put forth by competitors in the global market place only if you are knowledgeable and intelligent enough to adopt definite proactive measures.

Talking of proactive measures, they are extremely useful in emergency situations that threaten to disrupt the normal functioning of your organization and cause undesirable consequences in the end. This approach is especially useful for small-scale businesses and enterprise clients since they cannot afford to waste their valuable time, energy and time in backups every now and then.

Among all the systems in your organizations, the IT department plays a very significant part in the smooth running of your business operations. A few tips for saving your IT-related functions and systems and being prepared to meet any exigency are:

a. It is better to seek professional assistance for proper installation of systems. Go through the profiles of the various IT services providers and analyze their expertise well before finalizing a firm.

b. If you want to try installation on your own, then carefully evaluate the product catalogs available in the market-if you are careful to collect catalogs from a few companies, you may find that there are products available at cheaper rates; you can easily fit them into your budget.

c. Only if your systems are properly installed at the work place, you can expect to gain maximum benefits and reach your targets seamlessly. Through proper installation, you can save many dollars that you might need to spend in case of improper installation and careless handling of equipment.

d. Choose a firm that offers reliable and professional services that are just right for the kinds of business operations that you deal with. You need to assess their track record to gain confidence if you are willing to choose them. When you browse through the client testimonials, you can easily gain an in-depth knowledge about the level of success and reliability.

e. Check if the firm offers custom-made solutions for your IT-related issues along with 24. When you are dealing with a business, you need to be vigilant and careful not to lose valuable gains by wasting time or money for backups.

f. It is necessary to choose a firm that offers a wide range of IT-related services like consultation, computer, technical and help desk services by employing well-informed and courteous staff. Assess the charges fixed for these services.

g. While evaluating the various options available for IT-related services, try to opt for a firm that provides maintenance program facilities since you do not need to worry about regular inspection and repairs since these will be taken care of by the firm itself. Check if they offer locally-based remote support to get prompt solutions to all of your IT-related issues.

h. You can take the assistance of the firm in case you are considering expansion and development of your IT department.

By choosing a firm offering end-to-end IT solutions, you can save time, energy and money in a significant manner. You can concentrate on your main business without having to worry about breakdowns and backups.

How to Remove Virus without Antivirus

Virus attack is a universal problem faced by millions of PC users around the world. If you find your system infected with virus, it is highly recommended to call in antivirus support experts to delete it as trying to do it on your own can prove harmful to your pc. Usually, people use antivirus software programs available in the market to control and remove virus from their computers, but most of them may not be safe.

Is it possible to remove virus without antivirus?

Did you know that it is possible to remove virus without using any antivirus software? If you want to know how to remove virus from your computer without using an antivirus, here are a few simple steps to follow:

Steps to remove virus from computer -

1. Go to the "Start" menu and to the "Run" command.

2. In the text box, input the “cmd” command.

3. In the DOS window, you will see a command prompt. Input the Command Prompt to shift it to the infected drive. This can be done by typing the drive letter and a colon. After typing in “attrib-s=h*_*/s/d”, wait for the prompt to read the right drive before pressing “Enter”.

4. Input "dir" command to make the content directory of the drive appear. Here, you can identify suspicious looking .exe files. Files that are accompanied by .dll or .inf are dangerous files.

5. Go to files that activate virus and are attached to the .exe file and rename them. This can be done by typing “Rename” followed by the name of the file and any other name you choose. This way, without activating the virus, you can access the drive anytime you want to.

6. The next step is to find the drive folder that contains all files infected with the virus. You can find this folder in the “Program Files”. After deleting the infected files, it is now time to completely eliminate them from the Recycle Bin.

7. Input "regedit" in the Run Window to open the registry editor. Folders that are named “HKEY” are the registry keys of the virus. You can find them within the folders and must delete all keys associated with the virus. After removing all the virus and related registry keys, you must reboot your computer.

8. Remember to create a backup of your registry and use an external hard drive or disk to save your important data before registry editing. If, by mistake, you delete any wrong key, it may cause serious harm to your pc.

If you face any problem in removing virus from your computer, you must entrust the job to a professional, who specializes in antivirus support. This can be done with the help of the Command Prompt in your computer. Remember that certain files may have to be altered before deleting them so choosing an expert pc repair company to handle this job is the safest option.

Error: 'You are not authorized to access that database' on attempt to delete a shared NSF file

In Lotus Notes, there is a helpful and legitimate feature of locking up the NSF file. That is, owner of the NSF file or administrator has the power of applying local security to the .NSF file in order to prevent the file from misuse or illegal or unsolicited use by any third person. Applying local security restricts any unwanted access to NSF file, read/write operations become impossible. But if urgent need arises for unlocking NSF file, you can remove local NSF security applied using powerful NSF local security removal tool.

Even if a Lotus Notes .NSF file is shared and on attempting to delete it can land you up in nasty situation. You’ll get error saying, “You are not authorized to access that database”.
Now, consider a practical scenario where a user with editor access in the Access Control List (ACL) attempt to delete a shared folder or view, he would receive one of the following error messages:

“You are not authorized to perform that operation”
“You are not authorized to access that database”

In some Notes 6 and 7 releases, this occurs regardless of whether or not the ACL permission, “Create shared folders/views”, is enabled for the user. The issue occurs with any database but may be commonly observed with mail files given that the Notes 6 and 7 releases support the mail file owner having editor ACL rights.

You must have the ACL permission, “Create shared folders/views”, enabled in order for editors to delete shared folders/views. In earlier releases of Notes 6 and 7, granting the permission does not allow a user to perform the deletion as expected. Mail users with editor access can now delete folders via the menu. This problem was not specific to databases based on the mail template - it was reproducible in any database.

In order to resolve this issue manually, you need to enable the ACL permission, “Create personal folders/views”, as well as the “Create shared folders/views” permission. You can also right-click the folder and choose Remove Folder.

Other way to be able to access any database in Lotus Notes is that you have to turn on “Full Access Administrator” option in Domino ACL and for that you are supposed to perform the following:

Right click the desired database
Click the ACL (Access Control List)
Add your name over there as a person and a manager

Doing this, will add you as a specific user to the ACL and you will be able to access the NSF file. This was the manual removal of local security. But what if the admin is not available to remove the local security and you need to access the file urgently? At that time taking help of NSF Local Security Removal tool helps you in removing local security instantly.

Flash Analytics Tutorials – The Significance of a Right Tutorial

In today’s contemporary era, the use of flash applications and technologies has taken a steep rise. You might have seen a number of websites which uses the flash applications as well as the games, videos podcast and many other things which are directly related to the flash technology and they are highly demanded in the market. But, since the time the flash analytics software has come up in the market, not many people are able to use this software and its application conveniently only because of lack of proper knowledge of the same. This software is very much user friendly, however, there are still very few people who understand its effectiveness in the web space. But, even after being so much advanced, efficient and user friendly, people have not been able to utilize it in the best possible manner.

So, in order to resolve this issue, many institutes and educational enterprises have started educating about the flash analytics and all other relevant flash applications. The flash analytics is basically used in tracking and monitoring the flash contents of a website and the flash applications are used in animation and graphic designing and campaigns and advertisements. Hence, many flash analytics tutorials have opened in the form of various sites as they help to understand the basic tracking methods of these sites. The analytics used are necessary to comprehend in order to get the best results in the needed time frame.

Various environments and codes are integrated in Google analytics, and it becomes a necessity to understand all the technical levels as to make these entire technical things user friendly and that too in an apt manner. Moreover, with the creation of flash analytics, many tutorials have been established. Thus, it's very essential to identify the right flash analytics tutorials in order to get profound and appropriate knowledge of the flash applications and flash analytics.
If you wish to opt for online method for learning flash applications and analytics, then you just need to contribute maximum half an hour daily to understand the basics of it. There are many websites where you can view the video tutorials which can be downloaded and then can be used efficiently to gain the proper knowledge. These videos can be downloaded on the iphone as well and you can use it as per your choice for learning. Through this way, you can easily learn and understand the basics very quickly. If you will practice in the best way, it’s going to be better for you in future.

Learning about flash analytics is not very hard and also, the cost of learning the same is very cheap. There are umpteen numbers of websites with good flash analytics tutorials and from there you can easily fetch the information related to the course and its cost. Flash analytics tutorialsare undoubtedly one of the most required and the best software in the web space. These tutorials are helpful in providing knowledge in concrete manner and they are always updated with new and advanced methods to make it easier for everyone to learn.