5 cloud computing benefits for businesses

Most business owners agree that cloud computing is the last thing they would have heard of, to implement in their organizations. Agreed that this concept is relatively new and the technology implementation finds few experts, but the benefits of using this networking tool have forced a lot of business owners to seek knowledge on this domain. Thus, cloud computing, despite its perceptible risks and security issues, is finding increased popularity.

Cloud computing works on providing, shared resources, and software applications to business owners, on demand. This technology is much different from the client-server or the mainframe methodology, where users normally are in need of expertise and control on the technology they work on.

Here are 5 benefits of using cloud computing; reasons for which businesses are clamoring to use this technology

1. Business cloud computing ensures businesses can be scalable – Assume that an organization, 100 users strong, wishes to grow to 1000 users strong. Using cloud computing, this kind of scalability is easily achievable without too many logistical nightmares. Importantly, in doing all of this, companies don’t have to pay excess, as cloud computing works on ‘Pay as you use’ model.

2. Easy to implement – Businesses wouldn’t want to invest in a technology, however robust it may be, if it is difficult to execute on ground. With cloud computing, this factor is taken care of, because a cloud computing arrangement could be worked around, in no time at all. And in doing so, businesses save precious time and money.

3. Service providing niche has some big names – Normally, any new popular technology will have a lot of service providers, but with most of them jumping into the array to make a quick buck or so. But with cloud computing and the way it works, you would find that providers with robust infrastructure form the top ranking names here.

Cloud computing service providers need to have huge datacenters to ensure that the needs of businesses are catered to, well. This really means companies like Microsoft, Dell, Google and many more form the top rung of companies in this niche.

4. Burden on in-house IT Team reduced – The IT departments of businesses may foresee cloud computing robbing them off work. Literally speaking, this technology that works on outsourcing a lot of technology needs, may reduce the burden on the IT team of companies. But, that is not to say, companies would have to fire their IT teams as they could be used for more constructive purposes.

5. Issues can be handled, efficiently – Business owners know that no technology can be completely error-free, however efficient they claim to be. But with cloud computing, the response time to errors and issues is double-quick, which also alleviates a major problem on the head of the in-house IT team.

Data security is a major risk with cloud computing, but that being said, a lot of service providers in this niche are working on stringent privacy clauses that would protect their client’s interests. With vendors needing to offer increased data security and confidentiality, a lot of things seem to go right for this new technology.
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