About Laptop Computers and Notebook Computers

Today's laptop computers. Laptops are mobile personal computers that weigh significantly less than 10 lbs. Much more capable and convenient than some of the most popular desktop computers today, laptops have developed from specialized usage to the choice for all-around computing needs. The development of LCD (liquid crystal display) technology provided the means for creating thin and clear flat panel displays in a compact computer. They can easily be combined with projectors to offer group viewing of PowerPoint presentations, for example.

What's different about notebook computers? The term laptop computer and notebook computer are used interchangeably today. During earlier evolutionary years of the technology's development, the term 'notebook' was often applied to the lightest weight and smallest units being created, but the units and terminology are now virtually the same. However, a new category has developed of "ultra-light laptops" that pack as much performance as possible into a small package, providing users with a screen size of 12" diagonal or less.

laptop computers

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