HIPAA Compliant Software: Helps Securely Exchange Protected Information

If you work for a medical practice, whether it's a large hospital or a small private office, you've probably heard of HIPAA and its new add-on, HITECH. These federal mandates make it unlawful to release confidential patient information, either purposely or accidentally, especially as it is transmitted electronically. The protection of this medical data in motion (or DIM for short) is extremely important in our increasingly high tech age as it keeps peoples' private lives safe from public scrutiny and other harmful effects.

Personal medical data in the wrong hands can be extremely damaging to the patient's career, finances, health coverage and even personal life. This is why patient privacy is so very important. The government recognizes the need to safeguard private healthcare information and is coming down hard on the community as a whole. It's time to play by a new set of rules and really buckle down when it comes to confidentiality and data in motion.

Many medical practices have implemented costly programs to comply with HITECH and HIPAA, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars, even hiring a separate IT staff to make sure all their bases are covered. These complicated systems sometimes do an inadequate job of fully protecting encrypted information and may be in need of significant overhauls down the road. This method of dealing with the new laws is clunky and impractical compared with the svelte and cost-effective Manage-Trak system. The Encrypt-A-Note system from Manage-Trak is an on-demand online application that requires no IT staff to run, and can inexpensively be implemented. Best of all, the system fully complies with the guidelines set forth by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act.

The secure messaging application built by Manage-Trak requires no additional computer resources or anything else on your part. All it needs is the internet and possibly access to Microsoft Outlook. It will then be monitored by a third party for a small monthly fee, ensuring that all data in motion is protected from unauthorized access.

If your medical practice is feeling the weight of the compliance deadline looming but can't spend many thousands of dollars on a complex operating system, do some research of your own into other options that could be more cost-effective and more simple. Manage-Trak is sure to come up as one of those options and should be carefully considered as an alternative to an expensive and possibly faulty software encryption program.
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