Apple MacBook 13-inch

The new 13-inch widescreen Apple MacBook is the powerful new value laptop, replacing the Apple iBook. Available in both white and black colors, the MacBook is Apple's first completely redesigned Intel-based laptop in the thin and light spectrum. Although this laptop is meant to be thin-and-light, weighing 5.2 pounds is relatively heavy for its size. But built to last, the MacBook is composed of a durable polycarbonate shell that provides a unique solid feel. The brightly lit, glossy widescreen display is breathtaking, and the keyboard is top notch in comfort and tactile feedback.

The MacBook's new features have raised the standard for what value-focused laptop should be. While the rest of Apple's computers have simply just received Intel chips in similar enclosures to their PowerPC predecessors (like the MacBook Pro), the MacBook was built from the ground up using Intel's fast and efficient Core Duo processor. The MacBook is arguably the ultimate companion for students and even business professionals since Apple officially supports Windows XP via the BootCamp software.

Some major improvements over the iBook include a wider trackpad, magnetic LCD closure, MagSafe AC adaptor, fantastic keyboard (which can easily be removed for disassembly), and a built-in iSight webcam. Apple has also recently upgraded their iLife suite of software packages, as well as its Front Row multimedia software. Meanwhile, other hardware improvements include improved feet on bottom of the laptop so that they do not fall off, as well as internal improvements including customer replaceable hard drive, digital audio-input, extensive wireless connectivity options, extend desktop support with external display, and extended battery life. However, if you are a high performance user, hardcore gamer or graphic designer you may want to consider Apple's MacBook Pro lineup for more horsepower and standard performance features.


Weighing in at 5.2 pounds, 1.08' thick, 12.78' wide, and 8.92' deep the 13-inch MacBook isn't the most portable machine out there. This 13.3' machine weighs closer to most 14-15' laptops, but shouldn't trouble most users with its size.

13-inch black MacBook on top, 15-inch MacBook Pro on bottom

Case and Design
When the computer is on, the glowing white Apple logo radiates from the black matte finish to add aesthetic appeal. Similar to the Apple iPod, the MacBook is available in black or white colors to give users more personal preference.

The form factor and aesthetic nature of the MacBook is arguably superior to other thin and light notebooks in its class. The case is made of a durable polycarbonate with a matte-like feel. Much like the Apple iPod, the new MacBook features a very simplistic look and feel. Everything is right where it needs to be.

All peripherals are plugged in on the left of the keyboard, the Superdrive to the right of the keyboard, and the keyboard features the standard Apple keys. The only other items visually present are the LCD, track pad, an IR port, and indicator light next to it, the glowing Apple logo on the lid, and that's it. This computer relishes in simplicity, yet is just as efficient if not more so than any other laptop.

The keyboard has a rounded edge bezel and is offset deep enough so that when the notebook is closed, the keyboard cannot come in contact with the MacBook's screen. This is a considerable improvement over Apple's iBook that was known for key marks on its screen. The new keyboard has flatter keys that have been separated from each other so they aren't touching. This is a new keyboard design for an Apple laptop, but it is a considerable improvement. The new keyboard only takes a short while to get used to and once you do you may miss it when using any other.

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Upgrading and Expansion
Unlike the past Apple portable machines, the MacBook makes upgrading easy, with easily upgradeable hard drive and RAM.

Inserting RAM into the MacBook is as simple as pulling a lever, and placing the new RAM into the slot and lever loading mechanism.

If the above images make it look simple to remove the hard drive, it is because it actually is that simple.

Feel free to upgrade your hard drive!

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