Unparalleled Performance of Fuji DLT-4 Tape Storage Cartridge

DLT tape technology is the perfect choice for high capacity data archiving and data storage requirements of high end workstations, data centers, network servers and mid-range systems. DLT-IV tape has introduced new dimensions and standards in high capacity backup storage industry. Fuji DLT 4 tape features native 40GB capacity with sustained speed of 6 Mbps. Fuji DLT-IV backup tape cartridge offers cost efficient data storage solution in data intensive environments. Fuji DLT-4 backup tape provides the durability and superior media performance to secure your data investment. Fuji DLT-IV cartridge’s part number is 26112088. Fuji DLT-IV media tape has been engineered to deliver high density storage.

DLT 4 tape technology uses 2:1 compression ratio, which increases the capacity of Fuji DLT-IV tape to 80GB. Fuji film has engineered new ATOMM technique which has strengthened the durability of Fuji 26112088 storage tape cartridge. Fuji has enhanced the recording capability by increasing the track density to 208 tracks. Sustained 12 Mbps compressed transfer speed allows faster backups than other tape drive technologies.

Other top brands of DLT-4 tapes are: Imation DLT-IV tape ( part number 16186 and 11776 ), Sony DLT 4 tape ( part number DL4TK88 ), IBM DLT-IV tape ( part number 59H3040 ), Quantum DLT-4 tape ( part number THXKD02 ), and Maxell DLT-IV tape ( part number 183270 ).

DLT tape drives support multiple read/write channels with the help of their advanced head system. Major reason that increases the error rate is the fluctuations in data tape position. Fuji has introduced innovative tape slitting, automatic write function, error detection and advanced manufacturing technologies to reduces the fluctuations and error rate. Fuji DLT-IV data tape cartridge assures fast speed data archiving and unmatched data reliability in harsh working conditions.

ATOMM technology uses highly durable lubricant, which minimizes head wear and enhances useful life of tape head. Log index is saved at the beginning of the tape, which results in incredibly high speed data archiving. Fuji DLT4 26112088 tape can be used with the future DLT tape drives. Therefore the data that is archived today will easily be accessible tomorrow and for the coming years.

Transparent cases are used for the Fuji DLT-IV backup tapes, which provide more convenience to the IT managers. So the data administrators will not need to remove the backup tape cartridge from the transparent case as the barcode readers can easily scan their labels. Fuji DLT-4 backup tape features innovative interlocking grooves that have been designed to enable efficient tape stacking.

Fuji DLT-IV media tape assures stable tracking as its tape media has a uniform and ultra smooth magnetic layer. Introduction of molecular weight binder enhances the resistance of tape recording media against environmental effects and pollutants. Fuji has developed a new lubricant, which is used in the lower layer of tape media. This special lubricant ensures long term protection of the tape’s upper magnetic layer under heavy workloads. The lower magnetic layer provides a cushioning effect which provides better tape-to-head contact.
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